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If you don’t have a driver license but would like to own a supercar, you have an option to buy a miniature model of Lamborghini Aventador. The Lamborghini Aventador the world’s most expensive model is 1/8th of the actual car size. The demo of that car was performed in Frankfurt, in 2011.

Expensive miniature model of Lamborghini Aventador

The miniature supercar can easily fit on your desk and you can enjoy the beautiful forms and the carefully designed interior of that model. The mini supercar also includes the controllable doors and tires. Just be ready to pay for the model of Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 12 (twelve) times more than for the original car!

What makes that mini supercar the most expensive model in the world? Here are the main reasons for that: the whole car frame includes thin threads of gold; disks are made from gold, platinum, and a little bit of bronze; headlights, seats, and the wheel are decorated by diamonds.

Overall, the price for all the materials to produce the miniature model of Lamborghini Aventador was about 2 million euros. Now, the producers are looking for a new owner of the supercar model at the Sotheby and Christie auctions. The initial price of the mini car will be 3.5 million euros. From those funds, at least half of the million euros will be donated to a charity.

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