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F650 it’s a stylish, powerful and monsterlooking medium truck from Ford. Iniately F650 was designed for farming but now it is used like fancy moveable office or like a tunning toy for a rich kids.


Extraordinar dimensions lets this truck to speed only up to 68 mph. A new 6.8L Ford Modular engine (included in the complete set of cars since 2007) with 413 CID displacement can provide 462 hp. There are two fuel tanks that can hold 110 gallons.

It is very popular nowadays make huge, powerful cars to look different: it can be just tuning or it could be even a transformation into an office or a disco! Ford F650 is a perfect victim to be transformed or… whatever. It is just a gorgeous truck, everyday car and perfect farmer. For example: many US companies uses F650 as a tow truck.

Driving this car you can feel yourself a true Road King. You just need to pay 80 000 – 150 000 dollars (depends of complectation of the car) to feel like that.


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