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It took years of evolving and improving to transform commercial business into weird kind of art. TV supplies us with huge pile of a few-second wondermovies and I want to show you the most outstanding of them.


Where the idea of buying a new car comes from? What urges us to pick this exact product? For sure it should be commercial and ways to show and sell are more than you think…
First commercial was banned to be shown on TV for… ah, just watch!

However, there are not only car manufacturers who use vehicles in their commercials.

Humor is also a successful way to have more clients.

Among all those funny and weird let’s just have a flashback and watch from what all started. One of the firsts… the granpa of all commercials!

As always there are exceptions… this one is just the worst of the kind.

Finally, the commercial war started. When two big car giants are evolving in one country and have the same market area, war is inevitable. The old rivals BMW and Audi made a little commercial fight right on the street.

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