Steel Horse - Autocar magazine » Luxury cars » Holland supercar Vencer Sarthe will see the light in 2015

The whole new (and only model of the Vencer factory) Sarthe was unveiled at September 18th and already become a tasty aim for a hungered mass medias.

This model is named after the Circuit dela Sarthe in France.
The heart of the Sarthe is the new Vencer 6.3-liter V63SC engine. This V8 engine reaches 622 bhp and 618 lb-ft of torque. This engine is placed deep into the chassis, providing low center of gravity for high acceleration and better handling.


The weight of Sarthe is approximately 1390 kg and its top speed reaches 338 kilometers per hour (210 mph).

Gorgeous supercar will cost €270,882, approximately $348,000 USD.

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