1948_Buick_Roadmaster_Estate_Wagon 1940′s Cars 

1948 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

It was October 7, 1945, when Buick’s long-awaited 1946 models were announced. They weren’t much different from the 1942 cars whose production had been halted by government order three and a half years earlier. To have made major styling changes for the postwar market, especially in the Super and Roadmaster models, would have been foolish, for both had been completely restyled for the 1942 model year, when General Motors’ new C body was introduced.

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1941-Chrysler-Saratoga-coupe 1940′s Cars 

1941 Chrysler Saratoga coupe

Farnum Alston hadn’t intended to buy a “collector” car. At least, not a big old straight-eight Chrysler. The ’67 Shelby 350 GT that inhabits his Corte Madera, California, garage is more his type. Or at least, Farnum always thought so. But still, since childhood he had been interested in automobiles, and one day he stopped by to take in an auction,”just to watch the action.” Famous last words! As he looked over the field before the auctioneer commenced his spiel, Alston’s eye was caught by an unusual Chrysler, a Saratoga three-passenger…

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