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Russian bath (sauna, banja) is now closer than you think – it can even be delivered straight to your home. Bath-on-wheels is made of different parts of busses and trucks. This extraordinary vehicle provides the “bath services” in every area where it is needed.

If you like fishing, hunting, picknicks or just a Happy New Year bathing, than bath-on-wheels will help you make a perfect day.


Bath-on-wheels is brought to its clients already warmed up and you have an opportunity to drive around the city while bathing. Than you can swim in a lake or jump into snowdrift right from the hot bath. This healing procedure costs only 20-40 dollars per hour. It’s a very reasonable price.


How to make your own Bath-on-wheels?

To make such vehicle on your own you will need a car with spacious body or salon. GAZ (GAZ 66) and ZIL are the perfect candidates for transformation into the Bath-on-wheels. Busses and even minibuses have a possibility to be transformed too. The machine is equipped with a stove, water boiler and a furnace for firewood which is placed outside off the vehicle due to the safety issues. Car is sealed with foil and lining from the inside. The bathplace of your car is equipped appropriately with sauna attributes and you’re ready to ride… and to bath!


Some models of Bath-on-wheels are real masterpieces. For example: this special vehicle made of buss “Ikarys” can store a bath that can fit 5 people, shower room, bar, toilet and a restroom with TV.


Bath-on-wheels is not only an extraordinary service car – it’s a brilliant business idea. Unfortunately, it’s available only in Russia.

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