Schumacher is getting better!

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion – Michael Schumacher – is getting out of artificial coma successfully. These are the freshest news: famous patient started to respond to the doctors’ treatment: Michael blinked a few times. Moreover a row of neurological tests showed positive result.

(FILE) Former F1 Driver Michael Schumacher Hurt In Skiing Accident

We remind that Schumacher was skiing in France mountains December 29-th 2013 and got into accident. He had severe craniocerebral injury.  Famous F1 racer was put into artificial coma in order to reduce intracranial pressure.


Amateur video shows that Michael has crashed into a rock outside the track with his head and still was in conscious until ambulance arrived.

Steel Horse wishes Michael to get well as soon as possible.

michael schumacher ferrari

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