Sheikh Hamad Has An Amazing Collection Of Multi Wheeled Cars

Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (also known as The Rainbow Sheikh) is the owner of the biggest collection of multi wheeled cars in the world. His garage is full of rare and old vehicles. The most valuable and rare cars are now placed at the Emirates National Auto Museum.

There are a several absolutely astonishing cars in Hamad’s collection. For example, a four story mobile home in a form of the globe, a replica of Dodge Power Wagon that is four times bigger than original model (fully working), and seven colored Mercedes cars – one rainbow color for each day of the week.

“Black Spider” is the six wheel car that is based on Nissan Patrol. This SUV features changing pair of front wheels. It gives a huge advantage to Black Spider when it rides on the sand dunes or on a road with obstacles. If one of the front wheels is damaged, than it could be replaced with a working one without any tools

“White Spider” is even more interesting. This car has 8 wheels! Sheikh’s SUV was planned as a cruise car than a jeep that is conquering obstacles. In front of the car, it has a small platform that can be used for traveling under the open sky or even for a small Mexican band. It’s really hard to understand why a car needs this feature. Maybe its purpose is to cool a radiator, or to provide support measures when tires are damaged. None really knows…