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The fifth ghostbuster – ECTO – 1 – is totally forgotten. Legendary Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1959 initially was built like an ambulance car or a hearse but after release of the “Ghostbusters” movie it became an idol!

Nowadays Miller-Meteors (ECTO-1) rust somewhere on the junkyards and only a few enthusiasts got their hands on repairing this beauty. There were 3 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1959 shooting in Ghostbusters. One of them died on the Brooklin bridge. So, that smoke in the film it’s not machine effects it’s actually for real dying of ECTO-1 the First.


There were 2100 Cadillac Miller-Meteors released. Car is more than 4 meters length and 2,5  tons of weight! ECTO-1 has Chevy V 6.3 liter engine under the hood that provides 310 hp.