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There are lots of weird-looking, strange with unknown purpose vehicles in this world and our next concept car is on the top of this list.



Long-long time ago, far far away… in Germany company BMW “decided to create” a concept car by the drawing of the 4-year old kid. It all started with a dream of the little boy Eli to create a monster car. Eli showed his drawings and explained what he wanted to his uncle and uncle decided to take this project to automotive site Jalopnik. Jalopnik supported the aspirations of little kid and asked help CAD jockeys and Photoshop masters to come with some concept…


Though that this car has really nothing to do with BMW concern it was named BMW 4219Eli. Here what Eli desired to see in this car:

- car should

have 19 engines (Porsche engines) each producing 459 horsepower
- there should be 3 steering wheels and they could be driven all at the same time
- trunk should be like a playroom full of toys


Finally BMW spoken. On their

website they said that they will create this perfect car but still there is no result.

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