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This unusual wheelchair motorcycle grants complete freedom of movement to handicapped. In case if persons with disabilities are faced with the inconvenience of using cars or if they can’t stand of being in wheelchair and eager to drive loud and fast, such motorized tricycle for handicaps is their choice.

Unusual wheelchair motorcycle

Tricycle has a BMW 4-cyl 1130cc engine that delivers 82 horsepower and 6750 rpm, six gears (with reverse), has a top speed of 150 km /h and speeds up 0-100 km / h in just 7.6 seconds.

This Martin Conquest vehicle for disabled people is very convenient for embarkation/disembarkation as well as for steering. In this case embarkation takes place from the rear side of the vehicle. Wheelchair just drives in the tricycle using built-in ramp. And steering is handled by motorcycle steering wheel that is moved to the center.

Unusual wheelchair motorcycle

After watching pictures below, get acquainted with the video about the motorcycle for handicaps.

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