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When photos of this bike leaked in 2003 lots of people first thought was that it’s a computer graphics design and there is no such mind that will put this idea into life. But here it is now and I can tell you that Tomahawks design is real. Moreover, I can unveiled lots delicious facts about this monster.

Design of Dodge Tomahawk is more like a bullet that can drive you right into hell – like the metal horse of apocalypse. However, the most interesting hides inside.

The beast Viper V-10 engine provides 500 horsepower and can reach unbelievable 400 miles per hour (more than 640 km\h)! Although it’s only a theoretical number – there is no brave man to proof real top speed. It reaches the 60 miles mark only in 2.5 seconds.

One more extraordinary highlight of Tomahawk is the dual wheels. Distance between two rubbers on wheels is about a few centimeters and shows an indipendent suspensions on each wheel. This kind of wheel system is necessary for handling its’ enormous power.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Dodge Tomahawk can’t be driven on public roads in order to protect driver, pedestrians, houses … everything )… from terrible accidents.

Here some numbers to imagine:
Overall Length: 102 inches. Overall Width: 27.7 inches. Overall Height: 36.9 inches

Bike costs is $555 000.

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