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The whole new and very rare Bentley car was presented at 2014 Detroit Motor Show.  Legendary manufacturer of luxury cars made its limited edition Bentley Mulsanne Birkin based on Bentley’s range-topping model.



Luxury beauty will be sold only in european countries and in extremly limited number. There are only 22 units manufactured.  Mulsanne Birkin has a 6,75 liter v8 engine which is able to generate up to 505 hp. Its top speed is around 184 mph and it can run from 0 to 60 mile in 6,1 seconds.

Mulsanne Birkin is avaliable in three colours: futuristic Ghost White, bright Damson and finaly elegant Fountain Blue and Dark Sapphire. The car is named in honour of legendary Bently  racer  and member of the Bentley team - sir Henry Birkin (so-called “Tiger Tim” ).


The price of this gorgeous vehicle is €250,000.