Drakan Spyder – A Lightweight Powercar

Drakan Spyder is a pure satisfaction for expert driver or even a racer. Spyder doesn’t have traction control, ABS or driver’s aids. Also there is no radio, just you, car and road.

The builders: Sector 111, named car the Project Drakar in 2013 when started, later this car had its final full name Drakan Spyder. It’s a two seat car with no doors. You just jump in it and slip over into the tube of the car like in movies.

This car weights only 907 kg and is powered with V8 engine that provides 430 hp! Drakan Spyder is a small dude but it can reach the 100 km/h mark in only 3.2 seconds and max speed over 260 km/h. Also Drakan is equipped with manual Porsche G50 transmission, 5spd. Straight arrow design and out –of-body wheels makes it look like a real f-1 racing car but more graceful and smart!