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There are lots of thoughts about the most beautiful and the ugliest vehicles in the world and I want to put my opinion into this pile. There are a few most outrage, ugly and most underestimated cars I think should be mentioned :

1. Fiat Multipla Minivan 2005.
Well…. Car is ugly looking, I think, and If you take a look closer, you can see that the front row has also three seats. It really looks like it was designed from the very sick lemur. Nevertheless, car is popular in Italy as taxi.

2. Ford Scorpio II.
The Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson named this car ‘a width-mouth frog’. It’s interesting that Scorpios older brother wasn’t that ugly.

3. Suzuki X-90.
It’s like off-road jeep had a baby with Russian Lada. However, I found really many people who told that they really love their X-90. They claimed that car is reliable, comfortable… and cute)!

4. Lincoln MKT.
This Lincoln had a powerful punch in the face from manufacturers. I spent all day thinking what it reminds me. Finally, I got it: it reminds me Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter’. It’s not like ‘luxury crossover’ should look like, I think.

5. Porsche Cayenne.
That was a huge disappointment for me when I saw that thing first time. I just love Porsche cars and I love everything about them – they are elegant, powerful, and classy. However, Cayenne is frontengined SUV that have lost all the mystery that predecessors have.

I should remind that it’s only my personal opinion.

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