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Geneva motor show highlights: McLaren 570GT, Maserati Levante, Bugatti Chiron, Volvo V90, Q2, DB11.

McLaren 570GT has a softer design and more space inside. It has a M838TE twin-turbo V8 engine that provides 562 horsepower and breaks the 62 mph mark in 3,4 seconds.

Maserati Levante – a gorgeous SUV will hit the sales only next December. Car will cost nearly $78,000.

BUGATTI CHIRON. The w-formation 8.0-litre 14 cylinder engine will provide almost 1500 horsepower. It’s 300 horsepower more than Veyron. Moreover, Bugatti Chiron will break the 62 mph mark in only a 2.3 seconds with help of seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

First photos of Volvo V90 leaked in January. It become understood that interior of the car will be almost the same as in its predecessor – s90. V90 also get the ‘pilot assist’. It will help driver to steer and will correctspeed of the vehicle. It would be especially useful on the motorways with speed up to 80 mph.

Audi Q2 crossover will be about 13.7 feet long with a wheelbase of 8.5 feet. This small SUV will cost about $31,000. It will have a few engine opportunities that will make you some thinking to do.

Aston Martin DB11 can run 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and reach 200mph. The DB11 will replace legendary DB9 and will be more sportive, powerful and futuristic.


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